The Strategy


In TurningPoints we believe that the fundamental development in the understanding of the physical world (relativity and quantum theory) that started round 1900 and has continued up until today also has deep consequences on all other scientific fields.

This change also deeply transforms our most fundamental values and will influence the way we behave towards nature, cultures and individual human beings. This is a change of a paradigme.

One of the most fundamental changes is the change from the belief in a material physics to a physics of energies that come from a wast 'creative vacuum'.

This change is also a change from 'isolation' to 'holism' which means that beneath the newtonian-mechanical level of existence we are actually one mind, one 'spirit'.


This creates a fundamental goal, which is that the human being must always be the 'goal' of the other human being and of society in general.


Analytically and empirically the ideas and places where both freedom and the lack of freedom are produced have to be identified. (We did, and the producers of freedom or the lack of freedom were analytically localised to be 'work', 'ownership', 'leadership', 'wage', 'money' and 'capital'. This was then checked with historical and empirical data.)


Clear and practical concepts have to be developed as well as a theory of change (TOC).


A general program on how to roll out the new ideas and practical concepts in different parts of the world has to be developed.


As identification and local ownership are central to the idea and practical form, the start up companies will differ to meet local culture, societies and their choices in the in four different places in the world in which we will engage.