The Idea

The Value

The basic idea of TurningPoints is actually an ancient idea that has been formulated over and over again by very different persons in very different cultures and social positions: that human beings must never become means to other human beings; that the human being must remain the 'goal' of the other human being, and the individual person must be able to be in control of her or his own life.

You will find this motive of thinking in many theories, ideologies, philosophies and religions. You will find this thinking in the books of Liberalism's foundings fathers, and you will find it in the writings of Hegel, Marx and Freud... and you will find it in the UN Charter.

This puts into focus our basic beliefs and knowledge, our ethics, moral and the deeper meaning of life which, then, must be the core of the social fabric, law-making and economy.

The Idea about Pass It On.

The idea is that Pass It On Companies should be a 'public domain company' - open for all to participate, produce and share - owned or monopolised by nobody. This idea is then joined with the idea of helping other human beings - passing on the help you got yourself. The third idea is that this idea should be distributed with the same factor or speed as population growth.

The Idea about Politeia.

The Politeia idea is that almost no person is recruited into any police corps to be a bully and a perpetrator. This comes from lack-of situations: lack of qualified recruitment processes, lack of qualified education, lack of good training, lack of sufficient materiel, lack of vages, lack of personnel, etc. The individual person's reason for recruitment is typically to protect, do right, do good, etc. The good intention however is not enough - it needs good education, good leadership, good concepts about social life, development and conflicts. This must be learned and trained. And this training will, then, create other professional attitudes and another police identity.

The Meeting.

People or groups in conflict most times choose not to be in contact with the other group, and as an outcome of this division the image of the other grows to become an image of an enemy. This does not help the situation. Therefor part of this program is, that the police has to meet the population they are supposed to protect, and the population has to meet the police they are supposed to trust and use in difficult situations.