The Company

It is TurningPoints that has developed the Pass It On Concept, whose overall purpose is to reduce the poverty and violence by establishing businesses with a new ownership and organisational structure. TurningPoints thus represent the right to work, which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Article 23. This is a crucial article to the many challenges confronting development today. To be able to develop a just and sustainable world, businesses and work must be made truly liberal - free and accessible to everyone.

The new thing about a Pass It On business is that it is ‘public domain’ and owns itself. However, as such it is always its employees who are responsible for the business’s management, organisation, production and finances. As a leading economic principle, the business has profit sharing, and its leadership is democratic. This means that the different organisational functions are ‘rotated’ in accordance with the tasks, expertise and the votings.

The business concept must live up to formulated ethical guidelines, such as production being nonviolent, sustainable and that the leadership and organisation culture must be sustainable in relation to the thriving of the staff. People are not just another ressource that can be wasted. People are part of families and they are part of a civil society that is deeply impacted by the way the business act and carry out decisions.

The business concept is called ‘Pass It On’, because the economical, professional and organisational learning processes that arises in one business must be passed on to 3 other new companies. In this way, learning processes and economic growth will spread, and local anchoring will occur. The new companies do not have to produce the same goods or services as the founding company. They will be free after the founding has taken place. The employees in the new business must have the freedom to develop a relevant product that the local community needs.

Since a Pass ItOn business is obliged to establish three other Pass It On companies, the distribution of this business type will have a cascade effect. The aim is to be able to follow the global population growth. No existing state, institution or organisation at this point is able to overcome the complexity and growth rates related to this problem. Therefore, it is necessary for the populations themselves to be given the learning and organisational capacity to solve the problems of inequality, peace and sustainability.

Because violence is one the major obstacles to social and economic development, the development of Pass It On companies must be done in close cooperation with the local authorities and police, who must be trained to establish the premise of local security and confidence - thus the whole society will prosper. This task is met by the Politeia branch of TurningPoints.

Local establishment of Pass It On businesses will create local anchoring, ownership, growth and a commitment that, together with the development of security and trust, will reduce or completely stop flight and migration.

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